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How to discharge energy after a tarot reading?

In this chapter of the tarot course, we will see: Am I loaded, what do I do? Why do I yawn a lot after some readings? How to discharge energy after a tarot reading?

Many times, after a tarot reading, we may feel nervous, anxious, restless or even irritated. Other times you may yawn a lot, feel like sleeping or suffer a sudden tiredness. This is normal and usually happens because we move a lot of energies and then we may feel charged. For this, if the energy is too much and we can not handle it we can make a discharge of energy, this is useful especially if it is not a positive energy.

This is something normal because these energies can be excessive for our physique, and the best way to get rid of the energy is to discharge it on the ground.

How to discharge energy after a tarot reading?

Downloading the energy after a tarot reading is very easy, just follow the steps below.

  1. First, you must lie down on the floor, although some people prefer to kneel down and put their head against the floor with their back bent, similar to the typical prayer position adopted by Muslims.
  2. Second and very important, place the palms of your hands open and flat on the ground. If you can do the exercise on grass or natural ground, so much the better.
  3. Third, once lying down with your palms open against the floor, visualize the energy leaving your body.
    Observe and feel how a luminous fluid, like a light, passes through your body into your hands and returns back to Mother Earth. Imagine for several minutes that you are giving energy back to Mother Earth.
  4. Remember that energy is never destroyed, but circulates and flows continuously. You can do the exercise for a few minutes or until you feel lighter.

Finally, it is worth mentioning briefly another alternative to discharge excessive energy, and that is to take a bath with salt. Try which of the 2 methods is more effective for you.

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