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The tarot growth card (the new year card) in tarot

In this chapter of the tarot course, we will see, The tarot growth card also known as the new year card. How to calculate my tarot card for the new year? How to know my annual tarot card? What is the tarot growth card and how do I find it?

What is the growth card?

By combining numerology and tarot, we can find the year card, also known as the growth card. The card of the year allows us to understand the challenges, and the aspects to come and what we must learn. This practice will lead you to deepen and reflect on what stage of your life you will find yourself in the coming year, as well as discover what the next 12 months will bring. This chart will be incredibly symbolic over the next year. Ideally, it is best to calculate the Growth Tarot Card near the end of the year or at the beginning of the year.

How to calculate the growth chart?

It is very easy, to do so

  1. First, we add the day and month of your birthday.
  2. To that number we add the number of the year.
  3. Once we have this number we reduce it to a number from 1 to 22. That is, if it is greater than 22, we reduce it again to a smaller number.
  4. Finally we see which major arcane represents this number.This is our growth chart this year

Example and analysis of the growth chart

Let’s see an example, Let’s say you were born on March 7, then we add 7 + 3, which equals 10.
Then we add the year, in this case 2024. 2 +2, +4, equals 8.
Finally, we combine both numbers, 10 of the birthday and 8 of the current year, which gives us 18, which is the major arcane is the moon.

Remember, if it gave us more than 22, we reduce it again.For example, if it gave us 24 it becomes 2 + 4, which is 6,

In conclusion, so the growth card for this year in this case, would be the major arcane of the Lovers.
Once we have obtained the card we should reflect on its symbolism and analyze all its potential meanings, and what the next year holds for it.

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