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Hidden details The Hermit in the Tarot of Marseilles

In this chapter of the tarot course, we will see The Hermit in the Tarot of Marseilles, by Alexander Jodorosky: Interpretations and hidden meanings of the Hermit What details does the Hermit hide in the Tarot of Marseilles?

Hidden Interpretations and Meanings of the Hermit

Learning to see the hermit. Let’s look at the hidden details that appear in the Hermit card according to Alexander Jodorosky.
The tarot adds the letter H to the hermit because, it is believed, that letter refers to the god hermes, creator of alchemy.

“No one steals anything from me because I am giving everything.”

The hermit wields his lamp showing only four fingers. on the handle of the lamp is a mysterious white key. His hair, beard and left hand are blue. On the back of his neck is a small moon containing six stripes.
The lamp is constructed in six parts, two lateral and one central. The central one is a red rectangle, with a small blue triangle. The lateral ones are yellow and each contain nine black lines. In its upper part one has a triangle and the other a square, both orange.

The hermit has a red cap that covers his back and also the hand that holds the lamp. One sleeve of his shirt is red and the other is blue.

His costume is a long green monk’s robe. the inside of his cloak has four colors: light yellow, dark yellow, light orange, dark orange. With the cloak he may be protecting his lamp from the wind, or he may be hiding his light to illuminate only his own body.

The path where he advances, or retreats, is light yellow, the color of light. is it day or is it night? we cannot tell if it is cold or if the hermit is hiding.
His red cane has subtle undulations, is it a cane or is it a snake? If it is a snake, it has no head. If it is a cane, the hermit does not lean on it: is he using it as a weapon, is he afraid that his lamp will be stolen?

Finally, it is worth noting that in the Roman numerals 9 is written IX, ten minus one. But in the tarot, the hermit is written V plus IIII, that is, five plus four.

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